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Profit forecasting for businesses

Plan ahead with the support of Lloydbottoms Chartered Accountants. Speak to our team in Bristol to discuss your profit ambitions.

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Plan for the year ahead and beyond

Much like an effective cash flow plan, profit forecasting can help you get a better understanding of where your businesses could be, and what you need to achieve to ensure your success. At Lloydbottoms we offer tailored profit forecasting services to small businesses of all types, from sole traders to limited companies.

We have been trading since 1975, and can provide effective profit forecasts that really help you visualise your short and long-term financial goals. Based on data we will collect about your businesses, we can help provide forecasts at various intervals (e.g. 6 months, 12 months)

How can a profit forecast help you

Forecast and predict potential profit and/or losses

Help investors identify when they may see healthy returns

Support planned product/service launches

Reduce future risks by planning ahead

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Better manage your cash flow

Identify further areas for growth

Allow you to allocate the right resources from the beginning

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Not just for established businesses

If you are a new business, or are planning to turn your idea into reality, a profit forecast can still provide valuable information. Lloydbottoms can help produce a prospective forecast based on local and market data, current trends, and historical examples from your industry.

If you are applying for a business loan, a detailed forecast can help to make your offering a sounder investment for the bank. Whilst it won’t guarantee approval it can certainly demonstrate you have thought about what your business will look like in a year’s time or beyond.

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